I am, by training, a community ecologist with particular interests in processes that occur at the edges of ecosystems, especially if they involve arthropods. My dissertation research was focused on the connectivity of lakes and land via aquatic insects, but most of my current research projects are focused on agroecosystems. I am one of the first class of Science Policy Fellows with the Entomological Society of America, which has allowed me to serve as a science advocate for researchers and the society and has now led to my jump into government consulting.

Organic vegetable research plots in Lexington, KY.

Recent Publications

Two papers accepted, one in Journal of Insect Science (Eichele et al.) and the other in Food Webs (Athey et al.).


Jamin Dreyer, David Hoekman, Claudio Gratton. 2015. Positive indirect effect of aquatic insects on terrestrial prey is not offset by increased predator density. Ecological Entomology 41(1):61-71. 

Xia, Ye, Seth DeBolt, Jamin Dreyer, Delia Scott, and Mark A. Williams. 2015. Characterization of culturable bacterial endophytes and their capacity to promote plant growth from plants grown using organic or conventional practices. Frontiers in Plant Science 6:490.

Latest News

Left the University of Kentucky and moved to Washington, DC to begin a new job (career?) as a consultant (July 2016).

USDA-ORG experiment up and running at UK Horticulture (South) Farm (June 2016).



DSC_0491_edit_litliNow living in Washington, DC, I was most recently a postdoc in the Entomology Department at the University of Kentucky in the “Horse Capital of the World”, Lexington, Kentucky. Before that, I called Fargo, North Dakota home where I was a postdoc with Jason Harmon and Deirdre Prishmann-Voldseth at NDSU, and waayy back in 2013 I finished my PhD in 2013 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Gratton Lab.

When I am not in the field, lab, or office I seem to spend a lot of time visiting friends and family in the Midwest and beyond. I have pet interests in (military) history, transportation technology, and the trajectory of industrial society.